Robert Wootton, PhD, LMBT

Robert Wootton, PhD, LMBT, has degrees in Philosophy, Education, and Linguistics and has taught in several universities.

He lived and worked in Thailand and other Asian countries for six years.  He speaks Thai and knows the culture and religion.  He was one of the first Americans to train with Thai masters of Nuat Boran, studying two major styles: the so-called “northern style” of Chiang Mai and another style called Jap Sen in Thai..

Robert has practiced Thai Massage for 30 years and taught workshops for 20.  In his years of experience with clients he has developed a style that is less aggressive and safer for the general public.  Bringing out the dance and meditative qualities of Thai he makes it more efficient, deeply effective, and nurturing.  (See Robert’s article Principles of Thai Bodywork).

Robert also gives presentations on Thailand, Buddhism, and meditation.  He lives and practices near Asheville, and his hobby is dancing.

Robert is both nationally certified and licensed as a massage and bodywork therapist (NC license 3731, GA license MT001842).  He is also approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education provider.  (NCBTMB provider 288581-00)

For more about Robert read his personal story, What Led Me to Thailand and two interviews about the spiritual background for his approach to Thai Massage. One appeared in “The Flagpole” in Athens, GA, March 29, 2006, titled “The Journey From Conscientious Objection to Thai Massage”. The second was in “The Athens Banner-Herald” September 21, 2006, titled “Spiritual Tradition”.