• Thai Bodywork ~ Nuat Boran

    Ancient healing art from Thailand done clothed on a floor mat. One of the most complete forms of bodyworks with stretches, range of motion, deep tissue, & energy work. Whole-body treatment in 4 positions. Restores balance & flexibility. Especially therapeutic for back and joints.

  • Robert Wootton

    Practicing for 25 years. Teaching for 15. Lived in Thailand for 6 years. Speaks Thai and knows the culture. One of the first Americans to train with Thai masters of Nuat Boran. Has developed a less aggressive and safer style, bringing out the dance and meditative qualities, making the treatment more efficient, deeply effective and nourishing.

  • CE Courses

    Learn to give effective whole- body Thai treatments in 4 positions. 3 levels of courses take you from beginner to advanced. Get the CE course hours you need for re-licensing in NC, SC, GA. Step-by-step, hands on guidance from master teacher and practitioner.

  • Private Treatments

    In attractive, peaceful spaces in Asheville, NC & Athens, GA.
    Robert’s style is less aggressive with deeper therapeutic effects, relaxing and energizing, adaptable to the condition of each client from the young athlete to the older person.